Shutter blinds are similar to venetian blinds but typically with wider slats and surrounded by a frame. Up to 10 year warranty is included.

House of shutters

Options include:

  • Polyvinyl composition. Exceptional insulation, better than wood, with test results of 0.10035 heat flow through the shutter, certified to ASTM C518 - 2004 standard.
  • Paulownia wood composition. Sustainably harvested. Can be painted to any color such as Dulux paints, F&B paints, Little Greene paints, stains. A lightweight yet stable wood suited to temperature chanages.
  • 63mm,76mm, 89mm and 114mm slat sizes
  • Groups of separately tilting slats in the same frame
  • Perfect size to match shaped, irregular and curved windows
  • Rack and pinion to hide the tilt controls
  • Traditional solid panels instead of slats
  • Tier on tier : top shutters to be opened independently from the bottom shutters on the window

Shutters viewed from outside

Double shutters